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Why us?

SGP Group in numbers

5000+ quality controllers
3000+ customers in the world
100+ quality engineers

When you decide to use our services, you receive a comprehensive service at the highest level. We are able to support you at each stage of production processes and in all phases of the design. We are fully committed to searching for solutions tailored to the needs of our customers (Advance Quality Control, GP12, Safe Launch Plan, New Project Quality Wall). When defining the root cause of the problem (D4) we use the latest technologies, among others, XR or computed tomography. The quality of our services is also evidenced by our accreditations for the implementation of special statuses – CSL1, CSL2.

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Who are we?

Get to know SGP Group better

Our motto is Focus on quality, and this is the driving force of our company. When operating in the market since 2006, we have already supported thousands of companies in
the consistent pursuit of improving their products.
With many years of experience, we specialize in in providing the services such as selection, sorting, repair of details, components and finished products. Nothing will surprise us – our employees are recruited from various economic sectors and comprehensively trained.


The SGP Group creates an international network, covering most of Europe, which allows us to perceive the challenges we face in a broader perspective. We owe our reputation to extensive experience and thousands of satisfied customers from every corner of Europe and virtually every industry.


We provide professional service, available to you 24 hours a day. With our support, you can eliminate unnecessary costs, saving both time and resources. By providing customers with our support, we constantly strive to continuously improve our services ourselves, and each order is a constant source of further inspiration for us.

Using our services is an ideal solution in situations where, due to lack of time and staff, you are concerned about maintaining a high standard of production. By carrying out quality control at your request, we relieve employees and enable the effective development of the company. In particular, we put the customer’s expectations in the first place to be able to guarantee full satisfaction and high quality of the services offered.  Our employees are specialists in their industries, complementing their knowledge on an ongoing basis through a variety of training. With modern technical facilities, we are able to guarantee the compliance of the product with the latest standards and customer guidelines, which consequently allows for streamlining the production process, reducing costs and avoiding complaints in the future.


With a view to quality, we strive to constantly develop and reach new customers. We are successively expanding the scope of our operations, and our foreign branches have already been established in countries, such as Great Britain, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Italy, or Spain. 



Automotive 54%
Electronic 15%
FMCG 10%
Packaging 2%
Other 4%

Our mission

“Quality means doing things well when no one is watching” – Henry Ford

We are fully committed to optimizing and improving the effectiveness of quality processes. Each time we analyze the problems of our partners individually, offering them dedicated solutions, tailored to their needs. We treat entrusted orders as challenges which give us the opportunity to achieve the highest standards and eliminate errors. We like working for companies driven by high standards in terms of “quality improvement”.

Our values

We are here so that our business partner can transfer responsibility for the guarantee of quality of their products.


We take full responsibility for the inspections carried out. We ensure full control of finished products along with the guarantee of their quality and the possibility of 100% control of details coming from suppliers. The control is carried out in many stages, and we watch over the execution of orders and ensure that only quality-compliant components are transferred to production.


We are open to the needs of our customers, and we approach each case individually. We support customers whenever it is necessary. We adapt to the situation and respond quickly: we offer the possibility of increasing staffing within several dozen minutes of
the customer’s information and its reduction immediately after completing the tasks.


The SGP Group has been intensively operating since 2006, carrying out quality controls and supporting the production process on behalf of customers. The qualified staff is responsible for the implementation of tasks. We provide full professionalism, by means of which we enjoy the trust of our customers, and our commitment translates into improved work organization and motivation of the entire team.

Cost optimization

When using our services, you will quickly observe measurable financial benefits in your company. Reducing production and quality costs, as well as reducing expenses related to the HR department contributes to the increased operational flexibility of enterprises.

Response time

Our employees are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The appearance of the SGP controllers at the customer’s plant from the moment of the proper notification of
the demand is usually up to 60 minutes for the group of up to 4 people and a maximum 120 minutes for the group of 5-10 people. We are able to modify these times according to individual requirements of customers.


Actions taken by the employees of the SGP Group are determined by strict procedures. Since 2008, we have been operating in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standardEach of
the controllers delegated to provide services undergoes basic training to maintain the highest standards. To confirm the skills of our controllers we use the MSA methods.

Coordinator’s support

From the moment of starting cooperation, each customer is assigned a guardian, the so-called coordinator, who is available 24 hours a day for the duration of the contract. Upon
the reception of the order, the coordinator provides the appropriate number of trained people and supervises their work. They are also responsible for the preparation and transmission of inspection reports and ongoing contracts with the customer or the supplier.

Reports and documentation

In accordance with the individual requirements of our customer, we periodically prepare reports on the operations carried out. The customer is informed about the effects of our work on a daily basis, with the possibility of a live update.

Our guarantees

Out of concern for individual quality needs
we work according to the following principles

Open mind We approach the needs of our customers individually
Effectivness We effectively strive for the intended effect, achieving success
Lessons learned We draw conclusions from our own experiences
Internal, external and environmental respect We take into account social and environmental interests in our operations
Complexity We offer services at each stage of design and production
Professionalism We operate in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard
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See the development history of SGP Group

The company’s history



Mariusz Puto, CEO of SGP – Sorting Group Poland Sp. z o.o., begins a new chapter in life. Preoccupied with quality control for years, he takes up the challenge, resigns from a full-time job and opens his own company.

Obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate


Thanks to the efforts of the management board and employees, we obtained the first ISO 9001 certificate. Thanks to it, SGP Group has become a reliable partner in the automotive industry and more. We have gained the trust of our partners.

Expansion into the foreign market


We opened our first office in Oradea, Romania. Today it is our largest company. On the Romanian market, we are a partner mainly for companies from the automotive industry.



Continuing the development, we opened another foreign company, this time in Slovakia.



Following the needs of our partners, we started operations in Great Britain, Serbia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Germany.



We became the title sponsor of the speedway stadium in Częstochowa. Until 2021, the stadium was called SGP Arena, and we wholeheartedly supported CKM Włókniarz.



BCC, appreciating our development and social policy, awarded us with the prestigious Polish Business Leader award. We are at the forefront of the largest Polish companies that greatly contribute to the development of entrepreneurship and market economy in Poland.



Diversification of activity: opening of a permanent and temporary recruitment company called Human&Hunter.



Receiving 3 prestigious awards confirming the intensive development of the SGP Group: 1) Ambassador of the Polish Economy, 2) Business Gazelles, 3) Promoter of the Częstochowa Economy. In addition, we have expanded into the Italian and Slovenian markets.



Purchase and move to a new SGP Group office building located at ul. Legionów 92 in Częstochowa. Opening of a company in Spain.



We were among the winners of the prestigious Forbes Diamonds award. This year, we were among companies with revenues from PLN 5 to 50 million, with revenues of PLN 38.7 million in 2015 and an average increase in value of +52.44% in 2013-2015. The first edition of Quality Days.



Expansion to new markets. Opening of companies in Bulgaria and Macedonia.



Another huge investment that increased our competitiveness by offering new engineering and quality services. We have opened a specialized research center called SGP Quality Lab in the KSEZ.



Expansion of services to include the sale of OHS and os products – creation of a new Save&Care brand.

References of our clients

Customers opinion

“Thanks to SGP Group’s professional team we are sure, that our products will be checked accordingly and we have 100% guarantee it will be done on time.”
Nikola Randelović Purchasing manager Wacker Neuson Kragujevac d.o.o.
“The company is characterized by high flexibility and professionalism in the implementation of commissioned works and it has qualified personnel on its disposal. SGP Group employees proved authority in solving quality problems.”
SMA Metalltechnik RO SRL
“SGP is a flexible partner, effectively meeting our personnel needs and maintaining open communication. They are dedicated to understanding our demands and finding mutually beneficial solutions.”
Cristina Bacila HR Manager, Ecolor
“Thanks to SGP Group’s professional team we are sure, that uor products will be checked accordingly and we have 100% guarantee it will be done on time.”
Matija Selankovic Supplier Quality Assurance Engineer at Nidec Electric Motor Serbia
“I would like to confirm that SGP Group has been a qualified supplier in terms of sorting, visual control and production support”
Dusan Novosel Supplier Quality, Brose group plant Belgrade
„Cooperation with SGP has developed properly from the very beginning and SGP has greatly supported Bufab growth over past years.”
Jarosław Bazeli Managing Director
Bufab Poland
„We repute this company as deserving for recommendation.”
Robert Grzyb Director Advanced Quality
Cooper Standard
„Basing on orders and missions performer by SGP – Sorting Group Poland Sp. Z o.o., we can confirm high quality of services and punctuality of realized commissions.”
Marcin Przedborski Kierownik Działu Jakości
LG Electronics
“The communication and services provided by SGP have always been provided in a timely manner and ore to the expected high standards.”
David Alexander Quality Manager
“SGP Group administers of well qualified managerial and labor personnel and rich experience, which results in good quality of their work. We repute this company as deserving for recommendation.”
Luca Marchegiani Procurement Direction
“It’s worth to mention that services rendered by SGP are always provided on-time and with high quality standards.”
Paola Santagati Quality Supplier
Tristone Flowtech Italy
“It’s worth to mention that services rendered by SGP-Sorting Group Poland Sp. z o.o. are always provided on-time and with high quality standards.”
Agnieszka Bogubowicz DN Automotive Poland Sp. z o. o.

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