Complaint analysis

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What does complaint analysis consist in?

Due to the use of modern technologies, we are able to carry out a comprehensive qualitative interpretation of the tested detail. For complaint analysis we use, among others, computed tomography, modern DR technologies, or 3D scanning.

Our operations are carried out in a non-invasive manner, using non-destructive testing. When relying on the data provided by the customer (drawings), we analyze the internal structure of the detail, isolate and measure irregularities.

Within the framework of the complaint analysis service, we also compare the received 3D image and the CAD model, and the results presented through a color grid as well as
the measurement report based on a 2D drawing of the detail or information from the customer.

Why is this worth outsourcing?

Many of our existing customers are manufacturers of parts composed of many sub-assemblies. In the event of complaints or quality problems, the response to the question on whose side the error occurred can cause difficulties. By conducting complaint analysis,
we are able to precisely locate the source of irregularities.
In the event that one of
the components becomes a problematic factor, it may be possible to prevent the occurrence of complaint costs in the organization, by transferring them directly to the supplier.

Benefits from using complaint analysis

  • by using modern technologies, we receive the response to the question what is
    the reason for non-compliance, with no need to destroy the detail.
  • the data obtained during the analysis can be used to implement actions in
    the organization aimed at preventing the escalation of the problem and eliminating its source.
  • rejection of a quality complaint, and thus avoiding groundless burdens, in the event that the analysis clearly indicates the absence of fault of the customer and directs
    the suspicion to another element of the process.

Stages of service implementation

Order process and implementation

Partner Quality problem     1 Emergence of a problem/demand with the customer The customer has a problem with the product quality and there is a need to use our services.
    2 Determination of customer expectations and preparation of an offer. The SGP representative contacts the customer’s supplier directly regardless of where the supplier is based and establishes all the details needed to prepare the offer.
    3 Acceptance of the order for execution Our employee assigned to the execution of the order begins operations in accordance with the joint arrangements and the specificity of the task.
    4 Contact between the engineer and the customer/ the research The engineer contacts the customer and collects all the necessary information needed to start the research that will help identify the problem.
    5 Data analysis The data obtained as a result of the research are analyzed on the basis of the standards and guidelines of the customer
    6 Preparation of the graphic presentation/ the report In accordance with previous arrangements, we make a graphic presentation or a report for the customer, which identifies the reason, location and size or scope of the problem investigated.
    7 Sending the obtained results of the analysis along with the report to the customer We provide the customer with all the obtained effects of the conducted analysis and the final report.
Partner Resolve problem     8 Service completion and Feedback After the order is completed, we prepare the documentation necessary for financial settlement of the task performed. SGP verifies the quality of the order execution with the customer, and the conclusions drawn on the basis of the comments received will be used to further improve the process.

References of our clients

Customers opinion

“Thanks to SGP Group’s professional team we are sure, that our products will be checked accordingly and we have 100% guarantee it will be done on time.”
Nikola Randelović Purchasing manager Wacker Neuson Kragujevac d.o.o.
“The company is characterized by high flexibility and professionalism in the implementation of commissioned works and it has qualified personnel on its disposal. SGP Group employees proved authority in solving quality problems.”
SMA Metalltechnik RO SRL
“SGP is a flexible partner, effectively meeting our personnel needs and maintaining open communication. They are dedicated to understanding our demands and finding mutually beneficial solutions.”
Cristina Bacila HR Manager, Ecolor
“Thanks to SGP Group’s professional team we are sure, that uor products will be checked accordingly and we have 100% guarantee it will be done on time.”
Matija Selankovic Supplier Quality Assurance Engineer at Nidec Electric Motor Serbia
“I would like to confirm that SGP Group has been a qualified supplier in terms of sorting, visual control and production support”
Dusan Novosel Supplier Quality, Brose group plant Belgrade
„Cooperation with SGP has developed properly from the very beginning and SGP has greatly supported Bufab growth over past years.”
Jarosław Bazeli Managing Director
Bufab Poland
„We repute this company as deserving for recommendation.”
Robert Grzyb Director Advanced Quality
Cooper Standard
„Basing on orders and missions performer by SGP – Sorting Group Poland Sp. Z o.o., we can confirm high quality of services and punctuality of realized commissions.”
Marcin Przedborski Kierownik Działu Jakości
LG Electronics
“The communication and services provided by SGP have always been provided in a timely manner and ore to the expected high standards.”
David Alexander Quality Manager
“SGP Group administers of well qualified managerial and labor personnel and rich experience, which results in good quality of their work. We repute this company as deserving for recommendation.”
Luca Marchegiani Procurement Direction
“It’s worth to mention that services rendered by SGP are always provided on-time and with high quality standards.”
Paola Santagati Quality Supplier
Tristone Flowtech Italy
“It’s worth to mention that services rendered by SGP-Sorting Group Poland Sp. z o.o. are always provided on-time and with high quality standards.”
Agnieszka Bogubowicz DN Automotive Poland Sp. z o. o.

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