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Complaint analysis

Complaint analysis allows the quick and efficient identification of the wrong component in the case of components consisting of many sub-assemblies.

CSL II Service

CSL 2 is an additional procedure required from the supplier by the customer. The control carried out by an external company guarantees the supply that meets specified quality requirements.

Ensuring the quality of supplies

Our controllers carry out the quality control process of the delivered components and the experienced quality engineer watches over the complaint process with the supplier and the implementation of corrective actions.

Outsourcing of production and logistics processes

By providing qualified staff, we offer support in the field of warehousing services, internal and external logistics, as well as takeover of parts or entire production lines.

Outsourcing of quality engineers and residents

We offer support from experienced engineers of Quality, Process, Purchase and Laboratory.

Quality Control

Selection of defective elements at each stage of production and in all design phases, using effective qualitative methods and tools.

Quality training, consultation and audits

Training and consulting projects in the field of training for employees, consulting, implementation, and audits carried out by a team of specialists.

Repair of components and finished products

Repair of components and finished products allows for reducing costs arising due to the complaint of defective goods and positively affects the brand image. We ensure that only products that meet quality requirements are delivered to the final custo

Reverse engineering

Using 3D scanning and 2D documentation, we create the CAD model of the real object, which allows for recreating components or sub-assemblies that are no longer available. Precise mapping in 3D technology enables saving time and resources.

VDA 6.3, QSB + quality audits

Experienced auditors carry out audits following the requirements of VDA6.3, QSB+ or other standards required by the customer.

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