Reverse engineering


What does reverse engineering consist in?

Reverse engineering, also referred to as reverse programming, is nothing more than
the process of introducing real objects into the virtual world and digitizing them. It is a useful solution when, in a machine, there is a failure of a component or sub-assembly, which is no longer produced or the technical specification of which is not available. When preparing a 3D CAD model for you, based on a real object, we rely on 3D scans or accurate 2D documentation. We carry out 3D scanning using a precise 3D scanner with high accuracy (0.025 mm). Subsequently, the resulting scan is used to create an accurate CAD model using GeoMagic Design software by our experienced engineers. After reverifying
the compliance of the CAD model with the real object, we create 2D documentation and
the whole thing is sent to the customer.

Why is this worth outsourcing?

First of all, there is great saving of time and money when CAD objects map objects that actually exist. With a 3D model, you are able to develop and improve the object on an ongoing basis so that it is perfectly matched to the existing components. 3D scanning allows not only for recreating components that no longer exist on the market, but also conducting
a comparative analysis of products of competing brands.

Benefits from using reverse engineering

  • recreating obsolete component/detail technical databases
  • creating non-existent documents of spare parts of components of machinery and equipment
  • verification of compliance of parts from sample production batches with existing 3D documentation
  • possibility to modify weak link elements and adapt to the requirements changed

Stages of service implementation

Order process and implementation

Partner Quality problem     1 Emergence of a problem/demand with the customer. The customer has a quality problem or insufficient technical documentation and there is a need to use our services.
    2 Acceptance of the order for execution. The customer contacts us and we collect all the necessary data and develop the operation strategy. We define the scope and specificity of support.
    3 Contact between the engineer and the customer. The engineer conducts the analysis of the detail and prepares all the necessary information needed to start work.
    4 3D scan of the detail and creation of the 3D model in GeoMagic Design To get a scan we use a precise 3D scanner with high accuracy (0.025 mm).
    5 Verification of the correctness of execution We compare the created model with the 3D scan and prepare 2D documentation.
    6 Sending the scan, model and drawing with the report to the customer We provide the customer with all the documentation, scan, model, and report on the service performance.
Partner Resolve problem     7 Service completion and Feedback. After the order is completed, we prepare the documentation necessary for financial settlement of the task performed. SGP verifies the quality of the order execution with the customer, and the conclusions drawn on the basis of the comments received will be used to further improve the process.

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„Cooperation with SGP has developed properly from the very beginning and SGP has greatly supported Bufab growth over past years.”
Jarosław Bazeli Managing Director
Bufab Poland
„We repute this company as deserving for recommendation.”
Robert Grzyb Director Advanced Quality
Cooper Standard
„Basing on orders and missions performer by SGP – Sorting Group Poland Sp. Z o.o., we can confirm high quality of services and punctuality of realized commissions.”
Marcin Przedborski Kierownik Działu Jakości
LG Electronics
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David Alexander Quality Manager
“SGP Group administers of well qualified managerial and labor personnel and rich experience, which results in good quality of their work. We repute this company as deserving for recommendation.”
Luca Marchegiani Procurement Direction
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