VDA 6.3, QSB + quality audits


What do VDA 6.3, QSB + quality audits consist in?

As part of the APQP process, to qualify a new project or a new process according to standardized methods, process audits are carried out. Currently, the most common methods are VDA 6.3 and QSB+ audits.

The service of audits, provided by SGP, consists in carrying out the process verification according to the above-mentioned specifications (VDA6.3, QSB+ or another checklist required by the customer) by an experienced auditor. The result of the audit is the report that contains the summary with the audit assessment, confirmation of compliance with the requirements of the standard and the information if any of the points of the standard has not been met.

Why is this worth outsourcing?

Our auditors are able to help you in the implementation of audits compliant with the VDA 6.3 standard. In the early phase of the project, our team carry out VDA 6.3 audit to conduct a potential analysis.

The auditors of the SGP Group also perform audits as part of the QSB+ procedure to support customers who use this standard.

Benefits from outsourcing VDA 6.3, QSB + quality audits

  • saving time and resources for our customers
  • professional service
  • guarantee of compliance with the VDA 6.3 standard or QSB+ specification
  • experienced auditors
  • quick response
  • an independent view of the process

Stages of service implementation

Order process and implementation

Partner Order     1 Order There is a need to carry out the audit according to the requirements of the VDA 6.3 standard or QSB+ specification.
    2 Preparation for the audit The customer prepares the description of processes and products which is subsequently analyzed by us.
    3 Carrying out the audit The audit process lasts for about 2-3 days.
    4 Preparation of the report by the auditor As soon as the order is completed, the auditor summarizes the course of operations and sends the audit assessment along with the confirmation of compliance with the requirements of the standard, and also informs if any of the points of the standard has not been met.
    5 Preparation of the Action Plan for potential non-compliance or potentials for improvement by the customer After the audit is completed, the customer also receives the Action Plan in case there is any non-compliance or possible ways for further improvement.
Partner Verification of activities     6 Carrying out another visit by the auditor to verify the Action Plan During a one-day visit, the auditor verifies if the assumed Action Plan is being implemented.

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„Cooperation with SGP has developed properly from the very beginning and SGP has greatly supported Bufab growth over past years.”
Jarosław Bazeli Managing Director
Bufab Poland
„We repute this company as deserving for recommendation.”
Robert Grzyb Director Advanced Quality
Cooper Standard
„Basing on orders and missions performer by SGP – Sorting Group Poland Sp. Z o.o., we can confirm high quality of services and punctuality of realized commissions.”
Marcin Przedborski Kierownik Działu Jakości
LG Electronics
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David Alexander Quality Manager
“SGP Group administers of well qualified managerial and labor personnel and rich experience, which results in good quality of their work. We repute this company as deserving for recommendation.”
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