Outsourcing of production and logistics processes


What does outsourcing of production and logistics processes consist in?

Outsourcing of production and logistics processes is a flexible response of SGP to
the customer’s needs. It allows optimization in terms of cost and space. It allows
the temporary diversity of the product life cycle and the directly related HR problems as well as the necessary release of the capacity needed for the further development of the company.

As part of such support, we take over the operation of parts or entire production lines, providing appropriate staff. We work intensively in the field of providing qualified employees for
a workhouse service, we take over responsibility for organizing internal and external logistics in the organization.
We also propose the option of transferring processes to the SGP external locations.

Why is this worth outsourcing?

HR issues are one of the main problems enterprises cope with nowadays.
The implementation of outsourcing solutions is therefore a reliable response to the temporary increase in demand for employees and problems with finding qualified staff. SGP also has the infrastructure where the processes can be partially or fully relocated, thus releasing opportunities inside own plant.

Benefits from using outsourcing of production and logistics processes

  • releasing human resources in own organization
  • greater flexibility in terms of fluctuating production volumes
  • optimization of turnover costs/staff employment
  • regaining space without the need for expansion in the case of outsourcing to
    the SGP external location
  • optimization of the process resulting from the continuous efforts of SGP to improve
    the profitability of the implemented projects

Stages of service implementation

Order process and implementation

Partner Quality problem     1 Emergence of a problem in the organization The customer has a problem with optimal solutions in the organization and there is a need to use our services.
    2 Acceptance of the order for execution The customer contacts us and we collect all the necessary data and develop the operation strategy. We define the scope and specificity of support.
    3 Acceptance of the order execution along with the provision of resources Our employee assigned to the order execution starts operations in accordance with the joint arrangements and the specificity of the task in the position in question.
    4 Order execution In the next step, we proceed to the execution of the order by, e.g., coordinating the work of the team and familiarizing the staff with the principles, procedures in force in the position in question. All the time we are in constant contact with the customer, monitoring the appropriate execution of the order, in accordance with the adopted guidelines.
    5 Reporting and monitoring Once the order has been completed, at previously established time intervals, the coordinator reports the course of the order execution in the form agreed with the customer. Subsequently, they send the report on the execution of the order to the customer and the supplier, closing the settlement period.
Partner Resolve problem     6 Settlement of the order Following the arrangements contained in the cooperation agreement, we prepare the documentation necessary for the financial settlement of the task performed.

References of our clients

Customers opinion

„Cooperation with SGP has developed properly from the very beginning and SGP has greatly supported Bufab growth over past years.”
Jarosław Bazeli Managing Director
Bufab Poland
„We repute this company as deserving for recommendation.”
Robert Grzyb Director Advanced Quality
Cooper Standard
„Basing on orders and missions performer by SGP – Sorting Group Poland Sp. Z o.o., we can confirm high quality of services and punctuality of realized commissions.”
Marcin Przedborski Kierownik Działu Jakości
LG Electronics
“The communication and services provided by SGP have always been provided in a timely manner and ore to the expected high standards.”
David Alexander Quality Manager
“SGP Group administers of well qualified managerial and labor personnel and rich experience, which results in good quality of their work. We repute this company as deserving for recommendation.”
Luca Marchegiani Procurement Direction
“It’s worth to mention that services rendered by SGP are always provided on-time and with high quality standards.”
Paola Santagati Quality Supplier
Tristone Flowtech Italy

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